15 Oct 2019

Welcome to VEuPathDB!

This NIH Bioinformatics Resource Center (BRC) will support the integration of parasite resources currently provided by EuPathDB.org, fungal resources provided by FungiDB.org, and vector resources provided by VectorBase.org. The combined BRC will leverage the strengths of EuPathDB, FungiDB, and VectorBase, including the best tools and resources and a merger of staff from all teams. It will provide enhanced service to our many user communities, including:

  • improved capabilities to query across a wider range of pathogens, hosts & vectors, and other species
  • expanded support for systems biological approaches to scientific problems
  • additional tools for analyzing your own data, in the context of publicly-available datasets
  • better resources for integrating expert knowledge from the community

VEuPathDB will be released in approximately six months. In the interim, all existing resources will remain active. As always, we look forward to feedback from database users, via the 'Contact Us' link on all of the existing websites, face-to-face discussions at major meetings, etc.

  • Brian Brunk – VEuPathDB Senior Project Manager
  • Omar Harb – VEuPathDB Director of Scientific Outreach & Education
  • Mark Caddick– PI, Wellcome Trust Resource Grants
  • Jessie Kissinger – Joint-PI, NIH Bioinformatics Resource Center Contract
  • Mary Ann McDowell – Joint-PI, NIH Bioinformatics Resource Center Contract
  • David Roos – Joint-PI, NIH Bioinformatics Resource Center Contract
  • ... on behalf of the entire VEuPathDB resources team!